Tandem Kayak

New Fishing Kayak and Tandem Kayak


Paddles has intentionally put off getting tandem kayaks. Always seen doubles kayaks as nothing more than divorce makers, argument creatures and generally a lousy experience for often new paddlers. Actually, also put off getting a large fleet of kayaks too. We think everyone should be on a paddle board – we’ll get there, but there really isn’t anything wrong with kayaks. It’s mostly personal reasons and that’s not fair to the people who want them. Luckily, we’ve been listening to the calls and requests. Let there be kayaks!

When I started Paddles By The Sea, I wanted it to be a paddle board specialty business. It did well as that and then we opened the rental location in Vero Beach. The Vero Beach location gets more calls for kayak rentals than anything else, by a lot. It also gets calls for tandem kayaks more than anything else. This shocked me. As mentioned above, usually tandem or double kayaks are not a great experience. Well, in my experience anyway. However, it’s not about my experience; it’s about the renter’s experience. If we’re getting a ton of calls for tandem kayaks, it’s time to get tandem kayaks for rent. So, we placed an order for more single kayaks and double kayaks. Give the people what they want.

What brought me to this realization is asking why people want them. Turns out the number one reason was one we hadn’t thought of; it’s more for comfort than anything else. Some people are afraid of the water. That’s hard for someone that grew up on the water to grasp, but I get it. I’m terrified of heights; why wouldn’t some people be afraid of water.

If we can get someone out on the water that would normally not want to go, that’s exactly what we want to do. If we can ensure that person has a life changing experience, maybe even make a water enthusiast out of them, that’s what we’re going to do. If we must offer tandem or double kayaks to accomplish that, that’s what we’ll do. Who wants to be my tandem kayak partner?


By: Chris Woodruff
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