Top 10 Reasons to Take a Private Kayak or Paddle Board Tour


The Indian River Lagoon is the most biologically diverse estuary in North America, and it’s open for you to explore and enjoy!

 At Paddles by the Sea in Vero Beach, Florida, we believe kayaks and paddle boards offer the best mode for getting up close with the Indian River Lagoon’s diverse habitat. Our expert staff is ready to lead you on an exciting journey of discovery, relaxation and connection to nature along Florida’s Treasure Coast.

 Here are our top 10 reasons for booking a guided tour with us. Ready to schedule your vacation, staycation, weekend or after-work outing? You’re going to love this! 

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 1. Each tour is unique

We offer tours throughout the day, departing the dock in the morning starting at 10 a.m. or late afternoon/early evening for our very popular sunset tours. From early birds to seeing a moonrise, you have your pick of when to cruise the Lagoon, and depending on the light of day, weather and the season you’ll see the amazing sights in a whole new way each time you paddle out. There is a peacefulness in the Lagoon that both energizes and calms all of us.

 Paddles by the Sea offers select, limited-availability sunrise tours, so be sure to ask about those when contacting us.

2. Our knowledgeable guides ensure you won’t miss a thing

With more than 10 combined years of experience leading groups on the water, you’re in good hands with Paddles by the Sea. Our guides are local, meaning you’ll get insider information unique to Vero Beach. While you’re relaxing and taking in all the sights, we’ll point out what to see. We’re thrilled to share our knowledge of wildlife patterns with you.

 3. Dolphins! Manatees! Birds! Fish! Turtles! Otters!

You’ll experience nature up-close … where you’re in the game and not just a spectator.

 The Indian River Lagoon is truly historic. Reports about the Lagoon date back to the 1600s, and it was highlighted on early Spanish maps (we encourage you to search “Treasure Coast” to learn about why this beautiful locale is named as such). The Lagoon is home to thousands of animal and plant species, yet our most popular request is, “Will I see dolphins and manatees?” Most likely, yes! Each tour departs from the marina at Riverside Café, well-known for its dolphin and manatee sightings. You’ll see lots of birds, including pelicans flying overhead (some having just caught their dinner), and the plant life is unique.

 4. Your preference: kayak or paddle board

You’ll be in a single or double kayak, or on a paddle board. Our kayaks are sit-on-top models for singles and tandems, and our wide paddleboards offer great steadiness. We utilize the EZ Kayak Launch for security and stability to help you get in and out of the kayaks.

 Kayaks are popular choices for sitting back and enjoying your Lagoon tour, while our more adventurous guests like the challenge of paddleboards. Both are low-impact activities, with paddle boarding quickly increasing in popularity especially among fitness enthusiasts who want to up their game. Before setting out on your tour we include a lesson on your mode of choice, and we guide you throughout the tour to ensure you have a great experience.

 5. Private tours, limited participants

Paddles by the Sea guided tours are limited to 20 participants. That means you get personal attention during the two hour tour. You can book tours for family, a group of friends, or come solo and make new friends. We find that community is often built on the water.

 6. We also guide you before your trip so you are fully prepped

Never been on a water tour? That’s OK, we’ve got you covered from what to wear, what to expect, and how to fully enjoy your experience. Paddles by the Sea leads more than 200 tours each year, so we’ll give you all the tips for your pre-trip preparation. We’re at your service and no question is too small or too big.

7. For beginners and experts

Our goal is to have you fall in love with nature and the Indian River Lagoon through your experience with Paddles by the Sea.

 It’s that simple.

 We love what we do and we’re excited to be your guide. Some of our favorite tours are with those on the water for the first time. We actually applaud beginners, because it implies you’re starting a life-long, limitless journey into exploring new adventures.

8. Family fun

With the busyness of life, we all need to be intentional about getting outside. Remember what it’s like to play? Give us two hours and we’ll remind you of good old-fashioned family fun in the great outdoors. Plus, we all want to get the kids away from video games, and kids want their parents to step away from their laptops and mobile devices. With a Paddles by the Sea guided tour, it’s mission accomplished with memories to last a lifetime.

9. Perspective

Studies have shown being in nature contributes to your entire well-being. The gentle breeze and water clapping up against your kayak or paddleboard have a calming effect on our guests. The air is always clear in Vero Beach. You breathe deeper. You’re relaxed. Not only will you have fun on your tour, you’ll be doing something good for yourself. We call that a win-win.

10. No fear

Here’s our greatest take-away. Being in nature for even a couple hours does something to you … you find something inside of yourself that was buried or undiscovered. Your sense of adventure grows. You get to know yourself a little better.

 Providing outdoor experiences is what drives us at Paddles by the Sea. Whether it’s your first time kayaking or paddle boarding, or if you’re an expert, your confidence muscle gets stronger each time. Relationships are strengthened, and new friends are made. It’s unexpected, and inspiring.

 Our mission at Paddles by the Sea is to make kayaking and paddle boarding your new favorite activity. We want you to enjoy your adventure with us so much that it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

 Paddles by the Sea tours includes a paddle board or kayak lesson, a bottle of water, photos, sunscreen, and a memorable experience. Our expert guides will use their experience to help you navigate the waters with ease, making your experience easy and the best it can be.

 We invite you to contact us by phone, email, or just stop by our location to learn more. Tours are booked by clicking here.

 We look forward to seeing you soon!