Where is Paddles By The Sea Located?

Well, it depends on what you want to do.

To kayak or paddle board on the Indian River Lagoon go to:

3321 Bridge Plaza Dr Vero Beach FL 32963

This location is home to Paddles river location. It’s also home to Vero Tackle & Watersports, they’re a partner of Paddles, you’ll check in inside Vero Tackle. Once checked in, they will show you to the marina on the waterside of Riverside Café that we share the space with.

The River location also offers Boat Rentals, Fishing Charters and Sight Seeing Boat tours. See Vero Tackle for more details.

For Beach Chairs & Umbrellas, paddle boards, kayaks on the ocean and snorkel tours go to:

3244 Ocean Dr Vero Beach FL 32963

This location is Costa d’ Este. We offer lounge chairs/umbrellas, cabanas, paddle board and kayaks here.

3384 Ocean Dr Vero Beach FL 32963

This location is at the Holiday Inn & Suites Vero Beach-Oceanside. If you are not a guest, please do not park in the Hotel parking lot. The beach chairs & umbrellas, paddle boards, kayak and snorkel tours are open to the public not staying at the hotel. We do ask that everyone is respectful of the Hotel and its guests.

3500 Ocean Dr Vero Beach FL 32963

This location is at the Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa. This location offers Cabanas, Paddle Board, Kayaks and Snorkel tours. If you are not a guest, please do not park in the Hotel parking lot. Cabanas, paddle boards, kayaks and snorkel tours are open to the public at this location as well.

How much is it?

Great question, here is a list of all the things to do in Vero Beach, and how much they cost.

Not all of these are Paddles activities, but they are Paddles partners and share a location with Paddles.

River Location on the Indian River Lagoon

  • Paddle Board Rental Indian River Lagoon. $25 for the first hour, $10 an hour after. Max 3 hours.
  • Single Kayak Rental Indian River Lagoon. $25 for the first hour, $10 an hour after. Max 3 hours.
  • Tandem (Double) Kayak Indian River Lagoon. $35 for the first hour, $10 an hour after. Max 3 hours.
  • Kayak Tour Indian River Lagoon. $50 per person (single or double kayak).
  • Paddle Board tour Indian River Lagoon. $50 per person.
  • Boat Rental on the Indian River Lagoon. Half Day $175-$300, Full Day $240-$400
  • Fishing Charters on the Indian River Lagoon. Half $400 for two anglers, $50 per person over 2. Max 6 anglers.
  • Sightseeing Boat tours (2hours). $50 per person, $35 for children 11 and under, Max 6 guests

Beach Locations

  • Beach Chair & Umbrella at Holiday Inn. Two Chairs and One Umbrella for a full day $30.
  • Cabana on the Beach at Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel & Spa. $100 for resort guests, and $150 for nonguests for the day.
  • Paddle Board on the beach. $20 per hour.
  • Kayak on the Beach $25 per hour.
  • Boogie boards. $5 per hour or $20 for the day.
  • Snorkel Tour. $50 per person. Does not include a mask, snorkel, or fins. We sell them, or you’re welcome to bring your own
What’s included?

Kayak Rental Includes: Kayak, Paddle, Type III life jacket with whistle, paddle route based on wind and weather, and a lesson

Paddle Board Rental Includes: Paddle board, adjustable paddle, coiled ankle leash, type III life jacket with whistle, paddle route based on wind and weather, and a lesson.

Kayak Tour Includes: Tour guide, photos, kayak, paddle, Type III life jacket with whistle.

Paddle Board Tour Includes: Tour Guide, Photos, Paddle Board, Adjustable Paddle, Type III Lifejacket with Whistle.

Do I have to have to take a guided tour? Can we rent and go on our own?

You’re welcome to take a guided tour, or rent and go on your own, either way is great with us. With the rental we still offer a lesson and help setup a paddle plan to make sure you have a safe trip.

We do ask that you always go into the wind and/or current first. That way you have a much easier time coming back to the launch site.

How far in advance do I need to book for a guided tour?

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours’ notice to arrange a guide. Rentals are always available last minute if we have equipment available. But tour guides are not always on site unless there is a planned tour.

Should you tip your tour guide?

You do not have to tip, and we ask all staff not to ask for a tip. It’s awkward, for everyone. However, we hope that our guides did such a great job that you would want to.

The amount can vary depending on the trip, general rule is about 10% of the group amount.

Minimum number for a guided tour?

Yes, unfortunately we will only host a guided tour with no less than two guests on a trip. We keep our tour to individual groups, more so now than ever.

Is Paddle Boarding hard?

It’s not, it’s actually very easy. The hard part is not having a proper less ahead of time, not having the correct equipment and not having wind and/or weather to make it achievable.

The first couple times you paddle board are especially important. You’re still getting use to the board and how it moves. As you get better and more comfortable it gets easy.

The first couple times you go should be calm winds, no waves and little to no current.

What kind of kayaks do you have?

We use Ocean (brand, not only used on the ocean) Sit-on-Top kayaks.

  • The Single Kayak (one person) is the Ocean Malibu 11.5. They are 11’5” long and 31” wide, with a weight capacity of 350lbs
  • The Tandem Kayak (two person) is the Ocean Malibu Two XL. They are 13’4” long and 34” wide, with a weight capacity of 500lbs

Both types are available at the Indian River Lagoon location, only the Tandem is available at the beach locations.

Do I need a lesson to paddle board?

No, buy if you’ve never had a lesson before, I’d suggest you get one from the Paddles crew. I bet you’ll learn something that will make paddle boarding more fun.

Are dogs allowed?

Absolutely! All we ask is that you clean up after them, and you bring a life jacket for them. Dogs and children are under them same rules when it comes to life jackets, they must wear them. Makes sense considering most people consider their dog their child.

What’s the age limit?

There is no minimum or maximum age. For younger humans we let the parent decide who can paddle and who can’t. They know the small human best. Small humans who can’t paddle are able to ride along with a parent, if it’s within the weight limit of the craft.

Can children go by themselves?

They may paddle  their own paddle board or kayak, but there must always be a parent or guardian with them.

Do we have to wear a life jacket?

Everyone must take a life jacket with them, but only small humans and dogs must always wear them. Everyone else has the choice. However, we will ask you to wear one if you are not able to swim.

Our life jackets fit humans as small as 30lbs and as big as 300lbs. If you’re going for an adventure with a small human under 30lbs, please bring a life jacket for them

Do I need a reservation?

We highly recommend making a reservation. This way we know you’re joining us and can have the equipment ready. You are welcome to book directly through our website, or give us a call.

Kayak and paddle board rental do not require a reservation, but like stated above, its highly recommended. We’d don’t want you to show up and we’re sold out. If you book online or call ahead, we’ll save the equipment for you.

Guided tours do require a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Will I fall off the paddle board?

You might. Most people don’t fall in, but it does happen. We use stable paddle board that are perfect for first timers and the area. And we always give you a lesson, makes it much less likely you will fall.

If you do fall in, we cover what to do in the lesson.

Do you rent kayak or paddle board storage?

Unfortunately, we do not offer storage for paddle boards or kayaks. Sorry

Is there room for a cooler in the kayak or paddle board?

Definitely! Wouldn’t bring a Yeti 65, but a Yeti 35 would fit nicely on the front of a paddle board. Soft coolers are probably the easiest.

Can someone bring their own kayak or paddle board and join someone who rents?

Absolutely, it’s best to drop off the renters at Paddles By The Sea, and the kayaks and paddle boards that are brough along can launch at the park next door. There is a wonderful kayak launch at McWilliams Park next to the dog park. Here is a link to Google Maps to help you find it https://goo.gl/maps/aLZxHtPm6wrLM3BN8

It can be difficult to carry kayaks through the Riverside Café, so it’s easiest of launching bring along kayaks and paddle boards at the park and meet the renters on the water. It’s a very short paddle from the park to the Paddles Dock.

Do you have all day or weekly rates?

Unfortunately, we do not. We only rent kayaks and paddle boards by the hour and from our location at the Vero Tackle Docks or at out Resort partners at the beach.

Do you drop off at other locations?

We launch all kayak/paddle board tours and rentals from our dock at Vero Tackle, the beach of Holiday Inn Oceanside and the Kimpton Hotel & Spa

Do we have to pick up the equipment and take it to a launch site?


Nope, we will have everything ready for you at the launch site for that activity. We help you get comfortable with the kayak or paddle board, get fitted for a life jacket, and give guidance on the best routes to take that day. We always have guests paddle into the wind first, makes coming back so much easier. We are also there when you come back. Unlike drop off services, there is no need to call someone if you come back early. We’ll be there the entire time you’re on the water ready to help.

What’s the longest amount of time I can rent for?

We try to rent no more than two hours at a time. Have found that’s just the right amount of time to be comfortably worn out and see all the great things in our area.

Do you offer group rates?

We’re happy to offer group rates for groups of 6 or more on a case by case basis. Please give us a call to discuss the details. 772-444-7871

Do you offer military discounts?


We do! Military and first responders get the second hour free for paddle board and kayak rentals at our Indian River Lagoon location. Give us a call to discuss other activities. 772-444-7871

What should I wear when kayaking on the Indian River Lagoon?

If you’re kayaking or paddle boarding, it’s a good idea to wear clothing you’re comfortable getting wet in. Bathing suits are good, I personally wear long sleeve SPF shirts to keep the sun off. Both are great options and usually dry quickly.

Shoes are another option. Although they do give you funny tan lines, so be careful. If you’re going paddle boarding and want to wear shoes, you’ll need to have shoe with a closed back or some kind of strap. With flip-flops your feet will slide around while you’re standing.

Can I swim in the Indian River Lagoon?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to swim in the Indian River Lagoon where we are located. Boat traffic does not really effect where we paddle, but boat channels can be close by. Because of the boating areas nearby it’s considered a boating area and swimming is not allowed.

It can also be shallow with a sandy bottom that can have the occasional oyster patch. They are very sharp and don’t feel good if you step on one. Easily avoided by happily paddling and not swimming.

Are there alligators?

Unfortunately, we do not have alligators in our area. It’s is possibly but extremely rare. The Indian River Lagoon is brackish (mixture of fresh water and salt water), the American alligator we have in Florida does not like it. They prefer fresh water in an area that’s calm and quite.

What kind of animals will I see on the Indian River Lagoon?

The Indian River lagoon is one of the most bio-diverse water ways in North America. Some of the crowd favorites from guided tours and self-guided tours are:

  • Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Manatee
  • River Otter
  • Osprey
  • Bald Eagle
  • White Pelican
  • Brown Pelican
  • Great Heron

There are many more, you’ll just have to take a tour and see for yourself.

What’s the latest I can rent?


The last kayak or paddle board should be back by 5pm. We’ll let the last ones out no later than 4pm. We do offer guided sunset tours year round at varying start times.


Will I get lost?

It’s not likely, but always possible. Just kidding. We will always give you a float plan before you head out, and our area is very easy to navigate. Most of our routes are around an island and back .

Is the area easy to navigate?

This section of the Indian River Lagoon is extremely easy to navigate. It’s fairly narrow and has several islands with good landmarks. We will always give you a float plan before you set out. We are always available by phone if you need directions our help.

What kind of kayaks do you have?

We use Ocean (Brand) Kayaks. They are sit-on-top. We have Single (one person) and Tandem kayaks (two person). Both do well in our area for beginner to advanced experienced paddlers.

Will I get wet?

Probably. Believe it or not, paddle boarders stay much drier than kayakers. If they don’t fall in. While standing you’ll only get your feet wet, while seating in a kayak, the paddles has a habit of dripping water into your lap.

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